You are Wonderful - Namakkal 1st Anniversary

- Article by Arasu. Celebration always bring immeasurable joy and unlimited love among us.  Namakkal church celebrated their 1st Anniversary service to commemorate God's miracles in their lives.  Life was not beds of roses for these brothers and sisters who wholeheartedly gave up their native jobs and moved to Namakkal district on July 19th 2020 to find jobs and as well as souls to be saved in God's kingdom. God blessed all of them with good job and comfortable accommodation. Their sacrifice reaped satisfiable harvest. The team worked hard to reach out to God seeking souls to be saved in the Kingdom of God. There were able to help 6 souls to seek God in their lives during pandemic. On July 25th 2021, the Church disciples gathered to remember & celebrate God and His miracles along with new friends, neighbors and relatives on their 1st Anniversary service .  Bro.Paul & Sis.Ronnie  (Leaders - Coimbatore Family of churches) visited Namakkal as their Special guest to deliver

Tirupur Church - Winning SOULS...

- Bro. Arasu - Dindigul Luke 19:10 " For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Tirupur church had witnessed an incredible blessings from God as they started saving souls continuously during pandemic. God blessed the church with 7 new souls in last 6 months. This has been truly faith building and brought huge inspiration to all the disciples. Bro.Rozario who leads the church in Tirupur brought a radical plan of Bible reading and prayer at 5.30 in the morning daily. God-seeking friends were invited to join and they were also eagerly decided to join the morning devotions as they were learning to seek God in their own lives. God was working in their hearts. then the great news of God adding them into His family one by one, 6 of the new friends decided to accept JESUS in their life as their Savior. Another brother decided to come back to the fellowship after many long years. This was even more exciting for the disciples in that church. Though the disciples in the church h

Disciples in Tokyo Olympics...

- Disciples Today • Jul 27, 2021 Congratulations to these four disciples from our family of churches competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games! Daniel Rowden, 23, UK   | Men's 800M East London ICOC Team GB Profile From Major Surgery to National Champion: Daniel Rowden's Road to Athletic Victory Competing Round 1 – July 31 at 9:50am JST Sydney McLaughlin, 21, USA   | Women's 400M Hurdles Resides in Los Angeles; grew up in the Central Jersey Church of Christ Sydney McLaughlin gives 'all glory to God' after setting 400m hurdles world record Competing Round 1 – July 31 at 9am JST Kristina Marie Knott, 25, Philippines   | Women's 200M Orlando Church of Christ, Orlando, FL Holds the Philippine national record for women's 100M and 200M Competing Round 1 – August 2 at 10:30am JST Alia Atkinson, 32, Jamaica   | Women's Swimming 100M Breaststroke  Broward Church, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Competed July 25 Let's pray for these athletes and cheer them on in this incred

Good Church Members vs. Growing Disciples

By John Whittaker Over the last couple of years, I have found myself reflecting on the contrast between  good church members  and  growing disciples . This, in turn, has led me to consider the subtle differences between churches who emphasize making growing disciples and churches that don’t, even if those churches are what we would describe as healthy, growing churches. I think this is a critically important point, and after thirty years of ministry and training ministers, I have concluded that all too often, we have placed emphasis and focus on creating good church members rather than making growing disciples. Good church members  could be defined as those who: Attend regularly Serve in some capacity Give consistently and sacrificially And the really committed ones lead in some way By this definition, what pastor wouldn’t want a church full of  good church members ? So, we emphasize and celebrate  good church members . We have strategy sessions, trainings, conferences, and books all a

Depression and the God of Hope – Part 4

- Dr. Timothy Sumerlin - Denver, CO, USA • May 12, 2021 I learned a few lessons about mental health from people who have very few resources during the pandemic and have to find other ways to cope: 1) People are eager to learn . I've been privileged to travel around the world for my In Motion Counseling workshops. During the pandemic I have met with over 40 different nations and cities to teach on Zoom. In some cities, it is very difficult to attend these kinds of meetings, whether in person or virtually. Despite challenges, people come to learn and to share. Many arrive early and stayed late. Most took notes and asked great questions. A very important feature of mental health challenges is to learn as much as you can about your issue. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Ask questions. Read more books and articles.   Knowledge   is indeed power. 2) They come bearing gifts . I have never received so many gifts as when I travel to other countries. Coffee mugs. Baskets of fruit, candies, c

Depression and the God of Hope - Part 3

– Dr. Timothy Sumerlin - Denver, CO, USA   Greetings! We've been discussing "depression and the God of hope." So far I've shared about   various features of depression   and   how God deeply desires to connect with us   during these challenging times in our lives. Today, I will share a few thoughts on how we can connect with each other and help those struggling with this sometimes debilitating problem. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.  – Ecclesiastes 4:10 Here are a few thoughts on how we are able to help our friends dealing with depression: 1)   Listen with empathy.  This is a universal antidote in many areas of hurt. Taking the time to stop and listen to your friend in challenging times (and in "normal" times) is always the right thing to do. Listening with empathy validates another's pain and distress and often leads to unique and creative solutions. Listening allows you

Depression and the God of Hope – Part 2

 - Dr. Timothy Sumerlin - Denver, CO, USA •  Greetings! Many of us have either suffered from depression or have known someone who has. In   Part 1 ,  I introduced the topic of depression and how the Christian can better understand this challenging issue. Today, I will share a few thoughts on how we can connect with God or help those we love do so. I say to God my Rock,  “Why have you forgotten me? Why must I go about mourning,  oppressed by the enemy?” My bones suffer mortal agony  as my foes taunt me, saying to me all day long, “Where is your God?” – Psalm 42:9-10 Here are a few thoughts on how we may want to consider depression and and the Christian life: 1) Depression is not necessarily a sin.   When discussing depression, I often hear people frame it around a discussion on sin. What did this person do to "deserve" this? or, What sin is in their life that leads to depression and sadness? We assume sin is involved. Perhaps it is, but I've noticed that the majority of ti