A Historic Day for Coimbatore Church: Elders Appointed in Joyful Ceremony

    A New Chapter Begins...

On December 24th, 2023, the Coimbatore Church witnessed a massive moment - the very first appointment of Elders in its history. The atmosphere ignited with excitement as the ceremony unfolded.

The ceremony commenced with uplifting worship songs praising and glorifying God firsthand, filling the spirit-filled gathering with a spirit of unity and anticipation. Warm welcome cherished throughout the gathering, setting the stage for an incredible event.

Following a heartfelt opening welcome, with hearts full of humility and gratitude, the newly to-be appointed Elders Bro.Sivagnanamoorthy & Sis.Karpagam along with another couple Bro.Iruthayaraj & Sis.Regina were presented to the congregation for an official appointment before the church taking on their vital roles within the church. Each individual, chosen for their wisdom, dedication, and exemplary character, received a warm embrace and words of encouragement. 

Bro. Raj Mohan Paul, an Evangelist of the Coimbatore Church delivered a powerful message, reminding everyone of the significance of the Elders' role in guiding and supporting the church. His words inspired everyone deeply, offering words of guidance and encouragement for both the Elders and the congregation as a whole leaving a lasting impression on all those present, then both Evangelists Bro. Raj Mohan Paul along with his wife Sis.Ronnie Paul & Bro.Nagendran (Erode Church Evangelist) joined in Special prayer for the new Elders before they were appointed. 

To commemorate this historic occasion, photographs were taken, forever highlighting the joy and significance of the day in memory. These images will undoubtedly serve as cherished reminders of this special day for years to come.

Finally, the ceremony concluded with a prayer, invoking blessings for the newly appointed Elders and their continued assistance in matters related to God under their leadership. 

This historic event undoubtedly marked a significant turning point for the Coimbatore Church. The appointment of Elders promises a strengthened foundation and a brighter future for the church, guided by dedicated individuals committed to serving the church and its members.

Glory goes to God,


Thank you


If you want to be unified - pray with other believers - Malcolm Cox

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