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Reena’s mother was going through a difficult health condition with her terminal cancer. She had been admitted in the hospital often for her health issues. But after a long perseverance she understood its best & better to surrender to God and accepted Jesus as her Lord..  Long time prayer answered for Reena's family & Coimbatore church. People come to Jesus at the perfect time till that let us persevere without giving up.

Sis.Kamala & her children
Sis.Kamala from Tuticorin Church. God’s instant answer for her prayer for her dad to walk 3 days after his leg injured accident had inspired her to know Jesus more. She started trusting God and having faith in Christ. Sadly she lost her husband 3 months back which made her more lonely and along with losing her identity in the society as a widow. taking care of 2 children will be the huge task in front of her. She decided to believe God more and took a bold decision to step up for faith in Jesus Christ along with 2 small kids to live for Jesus forever. Her life is an inspiration.

Sis.Sangeetha & her child
Sangeetha's life is not like her name, her life not a good melody to listen. She got married in her young age to a person with huge age difference which made her life more disastrous. Many other terrible incidents made her life more tougher. Later, husband had lost one of his leg due to illness but still not willing to accept her. She was reached out by her relative and now a grateful disciple. She is happily taking care of her daughter with Jesus on her side. She is part of Tirunelveli Church.

Bro. Prakash (right side) from Theni Church. His life was a great testimony today though his life was filled with continuous painful incidents.

Lost his sister’s husband in 2020, lost his father in an accident in 2022 and lost his brother Gnana Prakash (left side) this year 2023 in an another accident.
Faith shattering for him, his sister, his sister in law & his mother. 3 widows and fatherless kids in just 3 years had brought whole lot of sadness to their family. His whole village is still cursing them for following Christ. But both staying strong till today facing all issues around them. Church being the great support during their difficult times. Our Lord Jesus Christ & His church the only comfort they have now.
Please pray his family.

Sis.Gayathri & Deepa
Sis.Gayathri from Trichy Church accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord in 2020 in the midst of intense persecution from her husband. Losing her son in a bike accident months later intensified the persecution more severe & she was not allowed to come for church meetings. She persevered all the tough times with prayer and fasting. Her daughter Deepa was the only support to her & last month she decided to study the Bible and accepted Christ. Both of them stay separately for the faith.

Roshni & Sebastian

                                                                                                                            Sebastian & Roshni from Trichy inspired by the life testimony of Sis. Gayathri & Deepa’s (given above) they started to seek God more. Though they were from traditional Christian background they were seeking God because of their marriage needs and family issues, they started coming to Church and studied the Bible and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A big boost to the faith of Gayathri’s broken heart. Today they both are reaching out to other souls.

Bro.Shijin had started a regular Bible discussion in one of the polytechnic college in Tuticorin. Few students were interested on their own to know the life of Jesus.  But soon followed by restrictions  for the college hostel students to not to go outside for meetings but still we see the faith in those few students. Looking for a harvest soon. Please pray for the Bible group.

Coimbatore Church Campus ministry  conducting Bible discussions  in four different places every week. Our Bro.Joe Richard took efforts to have the Bible discussion in his PPG college campus. Around 7 new friends joins every week for the discussion. And also he took special efforts to start a prayer cell to pray with them daily. Now some of his friends have started asking him to pray for them. God is working amazingly through him in that college. Please pray for those souls to be inspired by God's Word.

God be the Glory...


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