Greater Chennai Church Welcomes First Elders in Historic Ceremony


On the evening of December 24th 2023, the Greater Chennai Church gathered for a memorable occasion – the appointment of its first-ever Elders followed by the Christmas Eve celebration. This historic event marked a significant milestone in the church's journey, solidifying its foundation and ushering in a new era of leadership.

Chennai church celebrated the Christmas eve with a God's message from Bro.Jesu Felix and was eagerly waiting with an excitement to witness the momentous occasion.

The ceremony commenced with an introduction by Senior couple Bro. Jerry Uttangi and Sister. Rosa Uttangi, w
ith warmth and clarity, sharing insightful words about the role and responsibilities of Elders within the church. They touched upon the responsibilities, values, and dedication that guide these individuals in their service. Their message went deeply, leaving the audience with a renewed understanding and appreciation for this important role. They emphasised the importance of these individuals in guiding, nurturing, and supporting the congregation.

Following their insightful introduction, couples were formally presented to the congregation. Each member of their family was acknowledged, highlighting their unique strengths and contributions to the church. Bro. Panneer Selvam & Sis. Alphonsa along with other couple Bro.Solomon & Sis.Rajam accompanied by their children, received warm welcomes and heartfelt encouragement from everyone. The disciples stepped forward, sharing heartfelt testimonials that spoke volumes about the couple's character, commitment, and unwavering dedication to their faith. These personal testimonies painted a beautiful picture of the Elders' character, faith, and dedication to the church.

As the ceremony unfolded, a spirit of unity and joy filled the air. The Evangelists & Bangalore Elders gathered together, and the Greater Chennai Church leader Bro.Jesu Felix along with his wife Sis.SmileyFelix offered a heartfelt prayer, officially announcing the couples appointment as Elders. The weight of this moment was intense, filled with blessings, hopes, and the promise of a bright future for the church under their guidance.

This historic occasion was not just about appointing individuals; it was about recognizing and celebrating the dedication of those who have tirelessly served God’s kingdom. The appointment of the Elders signifies a new chapter for the Chennai church, one built on the foundation of faith, leadership, and a commitment to serving God and His Church.

Glory goes to God,

Thank you.


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