Nagercoil Church - 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Psalm 33:4

“For the word of the Lord is upright, and all his work is done in faithfulness.”

Nagercoil Church cherished their Tremendous 10th year Anniversary service celebration on Dec 12th 2021 which brought so much faith and togetherness in the presence of God . 

Nagercoil Mission was planted in January 2011 with 14 mission team members. Today God blessed the church to grow from 14 to 80 members in 10 years. This is a glorious & faith building manifestation of our God and His Holy Spirit.

The celebration started with awe filled worship songs to honor God and followed by the welcome note from Bro.Dillibabu & Sis.Preethi who leads the Church, later we could hear the inspirational personal experience sharing by the Mission Team members.

Bro.Thyagu from Salem Church who was a mission team member preached the Word to the church and the new friends to remind us about the Love of God.

Much appreciation to  the disciples in Nagercoil who were faithful all through these years amongst all the struggles to keep up the Unity of the Spirit.

Continue to pray for Nagercoil to reach greater heights.

God be the Glory.



If you want to be unified - pray with other believers - Malcolm Cox

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