Tirupur Church - Winning SOULS...

- Bro. Arasu - Dindigul

Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Tirupur church had witnessed an incredible blessings from God as they started saving souls continuously during pandemic.

God blessed the church with 7 new souls in last 6 months. This has been truly faith building and brought huge inspiration to all the disciples.

Bro.Rozario who leads the church in Tirupur brought a radical plan of Bible reading and prayer at 5.30 in the morning daily. God-seeking friends were invited to join and they were also eagerly decided to join the morning devotions as they were learning to seek God in their own lives. God was working in their hearts. then the great news of God adding them into His family one by one, 6 of the new friends decided to accept JESUS in their life as their Savior. Another brother decided to come back to the fellowship after many long years. This was even more exciting for the disciples in that church.

Though the disciples in the church having tough time during this pandemic, it did not stop them from being focused in building and advancing the Kingdom of God.

"To be a SOUL winner is the Happiest thing in the world".

Glory goes to God...



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