Mission Unlocked...

                                                                               THENI is a small district in Tamilnadu, India. The dream to plant a church in Theni became possible when

an energetic spiritual young men and women from different towns with an incredible dream in their

heart & mind decided on their own to move their jobs to do God’s mission work. After a month of training they

landed with Faith on March 11th 2020 for Theni's 1st  Sunday Church service yet to be held on 15th March.

They shared the good news of Jesus Christ and their life everywhere they went.

     As they were looking for 2nd best church service, hearing the news of nationwide lockdown was quite

disappointing and heart breaking. No Job & No Church meetings. Truly heartbreaking but they never gave up

their zeal. Then they have to go back to their cities for 3 months and come back after lockdown

relaxation to conduct Virtual services and lead 6 souls added into the Family of God.

 Also Theni had their 1st wedding Bro.Suresh & Sis.Suganthi got married on 12th December 2020.

Mission team members are self supported volunteers to serve God.

They found their jobs and as well working for the kingdom was a big challenge.

But they are inspired by God’s call. Truly an inspiration to many of us.

They are not leaving any stone unturned to save as many as possible.

Efforts may fail but never fail to make efforts.

Mission is possible even in the midst of Lockdown.

Continue to pray for Theni.

Thank you.


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