Namakkal Mission - A Step of FAITH

Namakkal Mission Team

The whole World is going through unemployment due to Covid19 lock-down. It is the same case too in Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, India. But God always desires to reach out to His people everywhere.

2 couples and 5 singles decided to give up their job in Erode (another district) to move to Namakkal to plant a new mission church in that city. As they finished their training to equip with the Word of God, unexpected news of pandemic lock-down was announced. So they were struggling in the midst of transition. But the team took a bold step of Faith to move to start the mission in the Month of July along with new job search. Grand sendoff was done through Zoom video call for all the mission members. They were struggling initially without a job but God had mercy on them and provided everyone with a job now. 

Many more lives are waiting to transform in Namakkal. Indeed It's truly a step of Faith to leave a job while

everyone else around you is looking for a job and losing a job

It's inspiring to see that they already lead 4 souls to begin to walk with God.

            Bro.Alwin                                                             Bro.Sakthi

Sis.Keerthi & Sis.Sampoornam.


Keep praying for them to grow in the Grace of God... 


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