Sought and Found


God always opens up a path to those who seek with all their heart. One such path was the one sought by Abinaya, from Erode in Tamilnadu. Abinaya had it in her desires to be at the All India Campus Conference to be held at Nagpur, an exciting event where she would be able to learn much about God. She looked forward to the day with much eagerness and joy, but in the corner of her heart she also knew that she wouldn’t be able to afford going there. Against all odds, she didn’t give up hope. She started to search for chances to work as a housemaid at different places but with no avail. Finally on the morning of 20th of September, with the conference just two days away, she shed out tears to God praying that He would help her to somehow reach the conference. That morning, when she was travelling to church in an auto rickshaw, she asked an elderly woman sitting beside her whether she could work as a maid at her house and told her that the she needed to raise money for attending the conference. Abinaya got a reply, but this time not in words. The woman opened up her purse and handed Abinaya Five hundred Rupees for the conference. The conference hadn’t yet begun. But Abinaya had learnt a lot more than she expected already.


Are you searching with all your heart to know God’s love? If you are, don’t ever give up no matter what the odds. Because God, right now, is searching for you too


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