You are Wonderful - Namakkal 1st Anniversary

- Article by Arasu.

Celebration always bring immeasurable joy and unlimited love among us. 

Namakkal church celebrated their 1st Anniversary service to commemorate God's miracles in their lives. 

Life was not beds of roses for these brothers and sisters who wholeheartedly gave up their native jobs and moved to Namakkal district on July 19th 2020 to find jobs and as well as souls to be saved in God's kingdom. God blessed all of them with good job and comfortable accommodation. Their sacrifice reaped satisfiable harvest. The team worked hard to reach out to God seeking souls to be saved in the Kingdom of God. There were able to help 6 souls to seek God in their lives during pandemic.

On July 25th 2021, the Church disciples gathered to remember & celebrate God and His miracles along with new friends, neighbors and relatives on their 1st Anniversary service . 

Bro.Paul & Sis.Ronnie (Leaders - Coimbatore Family of churches) visited Namakkal as their Special guest to deliver God's message titled "You are Wonderful" and also to encourage the Church. Thanks to Bro.Paul for his wonderful feast from the Word of God. 

God blessed 38 new friends on that day to celebrate collaborate and connect with Christ.

The service was faith building to all the members of the church as they were being part of this event and witnessed an amazing grace from God.

We pray that God will use his people to reach out to many in Namakkal.

Thank you....


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