Planting of the Church at Dindigul

​​Singles from thirteen churches in Tamilnadu had gathered together on the 19th and 20th of September for a retreat and also for the much awaited planting of the Dindigul church. There was an attendance of about 200 and they had a wonderful time of fellowship, learning, encouraging and discipling groups were formed after every message where they spoke openly about their sins and took help from one another. Many decided to repent and serve God in their respective churches. On the final day the singles had a great time of worship and the Dindigul mission team was introduced and prayed for. The team consists of six radical disciples of whom four are singles and a young couple. This long awaited planting of the church at Dindigul has been possible by the prayers and hard work of many disciples over the past few years. Please keep the mission team in your prayers.


If you want to be unified - pray with other believers - Malcolm Cox

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